Bird Houses

Decorative Birdhouses for Your Garden

Songbird Essentials Bumblebee Gord-O Birdhouse

One of the most fun ways to add personality to your backyard is with the addition of a decorative birdhouse. Birdhouses come in thousands of shapes, colors, styles and themes. No matter what your hobby or style, you’ll be able to find just the right house to showcase it. Style versus function when choosing a birdhouse … Read more

How to Squirrel Proof A Birdhouse

As backyard bird enthusiasts, we often think about how to keep squirrels out of our bird feeders. What we often forget, is these pesky little creatures will often try to enter the birdhouses as well. Follow these simple steps to squirrel-proof your birdhouses this spring and help keep nests safe. Why squirrels attack nesting boxes Squirrels primarily … Read more

Where to find USA-Made Birdhouses

With Labor Day coming up soon, we’re about to start see temperatures dropping (well, in most of the country anyway). That means it’s about to be time to put out birdhouses for shelter as roosting boxes for colder months. To help celebrate Labor Day we thought we’d remind you how important it is to support … Read more

Why Would I Want a Bat House in my Yard?

Bat houses are becoming an important way to help build up the bat population. Let’s explore the reasons you would want a Bat house in your yard. Benefits of Bat houses Bats benefit from man-made houses, but so will your family, community and the ecosystem around you. One of the main reasons placing a bat … Read more

Best Bird Houses 2023

Best Bird House

  Finding the best bird houses can be a challenge. Getting the right balance of style, materials, size, application, and maintenance often eludes the best bird enthusiasts. Here we hope to showcase the best bird houses currently available so that you can quickly sort through the products that fit your needs and quickly set aside … Read more

How to Choose a Birdhouse: What Materials are Best?

The materials used to construct the bird nesting box will make a big difference in what type of birds are attracted to it. Birdhouse materials vary greatly by manufacturer, so it is important to check the product’s description out thoroughly before purchasing.  How to choose a birdhouse for your yard will depend largely on what types … Read more

Build a Birdhouse with Found Materials

Building a rustic birdhouse can be a rewarding weekend adventure for crafters, amateur woodworkers or family fun. Build one for your yard by following the simple steps below. Choosing salvaged wood   Old pallets, cedar chests, corner boards and even pieces of old children’s jungle gyms can be used to build a rustic birdhouse to … Read more

Choosing a Decorative Copper Birdhouse

One of the easiest ways to add interest and flair to your bird garden is to add a copper top birdhouse. 3 Steps to choosing a copper roof birdhouse Copper is a safe and non-toxic metal which makes it a popular choice for topping backyard birdhouses. Follow these simple steps for choosing the right one for your … Read more

Buying Versus Building a Birdhouse

Bird watching is an engaging hobby but quite fun nevertheless. There are tens of species of birds and each one of them behaves differently from the other. There are those that like getting close to humans while others prefer being deep in the woods. Each of these birds may require a specific approach but there … Read more

How To Setup Hummingbird Houses

Hummingbird houses are often overlooked. It takes a keen eye to find a Hummingbird nest. Although thousands of birders put out Hummingbird feeders each spring, many overlook adding nesting platforms and materials to the mix. Constructing a Hummingbird nest can be complex. Hummingbirds migrate to their breeding grounds, collecting nectar first, then find a mate … Read more

Birdhouse Buyers Guide – Things to Consider

Some bird enthusiasts often do not know the specifications to look out for when buying birdhouses. Most of them end up purchasing cages from discount stores only to discover later that they are not constructed to the required standard. The choice of a birdhouse may determine the difference between an occupied cage and a backyard … Read more

Father’s Day Gifts for Bird Lovers

Bird-watching is a popular pastime for fathers of all ages. One of the best ways we can think of to show dad how much you care is to give him a unique birdhouse or feeder that will grace his backyard for years to come. Each time he steps into the yard, he’ll remember the day … Read more

6 Gift Ideas for Bird Lovers

Looking for the best gift for the bird lover or gardener in your life? These are six of our favorite birdhouses and feeders for the 2014 holiday season. Each is unique, memorable and a perfect representation of the old standard, “chosen with care”. Perfect birdhouse gifts The basic cedar nesting box might be functional, but … Read more