Birdhouse Buyers Guide – Things to Consider

Some bird enthusiasts often do not know the specifications to look out for when buying birdhouses. Most of them end up purchasing cages from discount stores only to discover later that they are not constructed to the required standard. The choice of a birdhouse may determine the difference between an occupied cage and a backyard full of chirping birds. Birds are very particular and they can shun a certain birdhouse for ages if it does not suit their needs. Paying attention to the specifications is hence crucial if one is going to have a successful hobby as a birdwatcher.


This is where most bird lovers often go wrong. Every species of a bird has its own specifications when it comes to the size of the cage and the hole. Basically, the size of the birdhouse should be determined by the size of the space you are targeting. It is not possible that a bird would squeeze itself in a hole with a diameter less than its body size just to please a bird watcher. Again, a too large birdhouse can be distressing to a fairly small sized bird. The house size can do the trick and will determine the kind of species your house will attract. For every particular species you are interested in, it is essential to pay attention to the diameter of the hole and the size of the interior.

Ventilation and comfort

You want your birds to fancy their new found home? Then it is important that you pay attention to their comfort needs. Just like humans, birds are also perceptions of their comfort needs and will not make a home of a nest that does not offer room for relaxation. The most important part in this would be ventilation and insulation. For hot summers, it is essential that the bird house has a slit opening either on the sides or at the top to ensure proper circulation of air and cooling. The building material can have an impact on this. Wood is more preferable than metal as it does not heat up or become extremely cold. This means that it is suitable for both winter and summer.

Drainage system

A good birdhouse should be constructed in such a way that there is adequate drainage to let out water when it rains. There can also be a roof overhang to prevent rain water from collecting inside. This overhang can also play a great role during hot days as it will act as a shade. Water and moisture collecting can lead to the growth of mould and bacteria.


Another key consideration before buying a bird house is the safety measures. Most birds are prone to predators and it is essential that they be protected. To this end, it is essential that the entrance has no place where predators can perch. Brackets can also be used to deter predators.


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