Buying Versus Building a Birdhouse

Bird watching is an engaging hobby but quite fun nevertheless. There are tens of species of birds and each one of them behaves differently from the other. There are those that like getting close to humans while others prefer being deep in the woods. Each of these birds may require a specific approach but there are those that behave almost in a similar way and hence would be easy to manage. For any ardent bird watcher, the key question is whether to construct a birdhouse or to buy one. Each of these choices has their drawbacks and benefits.

Type of bird

The key determinant for the type of the birdhouse to be constructed is the kind of bird species a birdwatcher is interested in. Some birds have specific needs and hence the nest has to be specifically constructed to meet those needs. This may range from the size of the nest, the size of the hole and how the inside area is to be constructed. In such a case, it is always essential to construct an own birdhouse so as to customize it to suit the birds needs. However, if all that is needed is a birdhouse with no specific specie in mind, then a tailor made birdhouse can be bought and placed in a various habitats.


Another factor that would dictate whether to buy a ready-made birdhouse or to construct one is the level of skills of the birdwatcher. Bird watching is a hobby like any other and it does not require you to be handy. There are those with an interest in this hobby but have no bird house construction skills. For those ones, it is obvious they have to go for the ready-made birdhouses. Those however who are handy and can construct a beautiful birdhouse putting in mind all the specific needs, then it is advisable to construct their own. For a serious birdwatcher with the skills, building instead of buying a birdhouse is quite rewarding.


Bird watching is not such an expensive hobby to maintain but it requires some investment all in all.  The cost of a bird nest is just one of them. This house has to be hosted in some place in the woods or near the house. Unless however you have a close friend with birdhouse construction skills who can give it to you at a cheaper rate, buying a ready made one can be quite expensive. The only benefit would be if you are buying them in plenty then probably you would qualify for some sort of a discount. If you need only a few on the other hand, building your own in the long run is less expensive and convenient as you will customize them to suit your needs.

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