Bird Baths

6 Gift Ideas for Bird Lovers

Looking for the best gift for the bird lover or gardener in your life? These are six of our favorite birdhouses and feeders for the 2014 holiday season. Each is unique, memorable and a perfect representation of the old standard, “chosen with care”. Perfect birdhouse gifts The basic cedar nesting box might be functional, but … Read more

Integrate Bird Baths into Your Yard

Integrating a bird bath into your yard is one of the easiest ways to attract local birds. Our feathered friends are constantly in search of fresh water, both for drinking and keeping feathers clean. Properly maintained bird baths will be a constant source of entertainment, as you watch birds play, preen and perch. Choosing the right … Read more

Make Your Backyard Bird Friendly

  There are thousands of opportunities each year to host tiny visitors in your backyard garden. Whether you’re looking to attract an elusive little Bluebird or a flamboyant and sometimes pesky Jay, these simple steps will help you bring new guests into your yard this Spring! The importance of backyard birding It is estimated that more than … Read more

Attracting Birds in Small Spaces

We often think of nature as something that “happens” in the country. Nature is hanging out in farmlands and in vast fields, in wild mountains and grasslands. But nature “happens” everywhere.  The entire planet is one connected ecosystem. Even urban jungle dwellers can cultivate their surroundings to be bird friendly. It doesn’t take much – … Read more