Build a Birdhouse with Found Materials

Building a rustic birdhouse can be a rewarding weekend adventure for crafters, amateur woodworkers or family fun. Build one for your yard by following the simple steps below. Choosing salvaged wood   Old pallets, cedar chests, corner boards and even pieces of old children’s jungle gyms can be used to build a rustic birdhouse to … Read more

Birdhouse kits: Build your own DIY birdhouses

Birdhouses are designed to suit different varieties of bird. Purple Martins won’t nest in a house made for Wrens and vice versa. So what happens when you can’t find the house you’re looking for? Build your own! Don’t worry. As long as you can use a hammer, you can build a birdhouse with a birdhouse … Read more

A Fun Kid-Friendly DIY Birdhouse

The snow may be just melting away into spring, but summer will be here soon. Our favorite kid-friendly activity of the moment is a DIY birdhouse from Woodlink. Enjoy a fun craft project with your kids that will keep everyone entertained for years to come.   Why Woodlink birdhouse kits Birdhouse kits are a popular … Read more