How To Setup Hummingbird Houses

Hummingbird houses are often overlooked. It takes a keen eye to find a Hummingbird nest. Although thousands of birders put out Hummingbird feeders each spring, many overlook adding nesting platforms and materials to the mix. Constructing a Hummingbird nest can be complex. Hummingbirds migrate to their breeding grounds, collecting nectar first, then find a mate … Read more

Hummingbird Feeders: How to Choose the Right One

Step into a gardening store or browse a bird watching website and you’re likely to see thousands of choices for Hummingbird feeders. There are many types to choose from. Choosing the best feeder for your yard or porch is all about knowing what feeder style will suit the birds in your area. Two Main Hummingbird … Read more

How To Fix Hummingbird Feeder Problems

A Hummingbird feeder seems like a good idea right? After all, millions of people enjoy watching these active little birds each year, but what if something goes wrong? Hummingbirds are notoriously finicky about their feeders. Pests, nectar going rancid and leaks in the filter can all cause a new birder to become frustrated and give up. Follow these … Read more

How to Keep Bees out of Nectar Feeders

Bees are extremely important to our food supply and fragile ecosystems. Usually bees are fairly harmless, but when hummingbird feeders are out trouble can start. After all, bees are always on the lookout for nectar! Nothing in nature is 100% It isn’t possible to keep your feeders completely bee-free. In addition, no one method typically works … Read more

Attract Hummingbirds to Your Garden

Learn how easy it is to welcome enchanting little hummingbirds into your yard. Plant hummingbird gardens and set out their favorite nectar to make your house a hummingbird destination. What appears like a thought and disappears like a prism in a dream? Witnessing fleeting little hummingbirds is a lingering privilege, like memories of a childhood … Read more