How to Keep Birds from Eating Grass Seed

Stop Birds From Eating Grass Seed

It can be extremely difficult to keep birds from eating grass seed on your front lawn or backyard. There are a number of different steps that you can take to try and prevent them from ruining your grass on your property. This article is going to provide insight into how you can take actions to … Read more

Where to Find Amazing Bird Feeder Plans!

Bird Feeder Plans

There’s nothing like being able to fill up a bird feeder, sit back, and watch the birds (and pesky, funny squirrels) flock around. It makes for hours of bird-watching without ever leaving your backyard! Sometimes, though, the bird feeders in stores are just too expensive for the cheap materials they’re built with. But aren’t feeders … Read more

How to Choose a Seed Bird Feeder

Bird watching is a popular hobby with many benefits to the environment and the bird population. Placing a bird feeder in your yard will allow you to sit quietly and enjoy watching the birds from the comfort of your own home. In this article, we’ll share the most common types of seed birdfeeders and how … Read more

Fix These 5 Bird Feeder Problems

Most common bird feeder problems can be overcome with a simple shift in how you think about your backyard garden. Ask yourself: Am I throwing a backyard dinner party or just shoveling hash? Think about your last dinner party It’s likely that you spent a day or two planning the menu, shopping for ingredients and setting … Read more

How to Attract Chickadees to Your Yard

Chickadees are an enchanting and friendly tiny bird. Keeping a bird feeder for Chickadees will reward you with many close encounters. These birds will often wait and watch while you fill the feeder. There are seven varieties of Chickadee in the United States. That means, no matter where you live, you probably have these birds nearby. What … Read more

Attract Robins with these 4 Tips

Robins are an attractive songbird. In many parts of the United States, if you hear a bird song just at dawn, chances are pretty good it’s a Robin’s happy call. If you’re thinking about attracting Robins to your yard, think about these four things first and you’ll be sure to enjoy listening to and watching these … Read more

Why Would I Want a Bat House in my Yard?

Bat houses are becoming an important way to help build up the bat population. Let’s explore the reasons you would want a Bat house in your yard. Benefits of Bat houses Bats benefit from man-made houses, but so will your family, community and the ecosystem around you. One of the main reasons placing a bat … Read more

Explore The American Gulf Coast

Doing just one thing while in the Gulf is impossible. You will walk in the paths of history while banding birds at Fort Morgan, admire the grandeur of antebellum mansions as you smile at the elegant egrets, and enjoy day boat seafood with the languid Brown Pelicans. Troll the bayou or stroll the beaches – … Read more

Identify Birds with these 7 Smartphone Apps

Top 7 tools for identifying birds 1. Larkwire ($19.99) Larkwire is a game created by birders for birders. The game teaches you how to identify birds by sound, simply by memorizing recordings of those sounds. An easy way to learn bird sounds no matter where you are. 2. Birdtunes ($9.99) Birdtunes is a simple catalog … Read more

Show Your Love for Nesting Birds

The Valentine’s Day season, still the dead of winter for many of us, is the perfect time to show your love for nesting birds of all types. National Nesting Box Week February 14 to 21 is National Nest Box Week in many parts of the world. This is a perfect time to build or install … Read more

How To Setup Hummingbird Houses

Hummingbird houses are often overlooked. It takes a keen eye to find a Hummingbird nest. Although thousands of birders put out Hummingbird feeders each spring, many overlook adding nesting platforms and materials to the mix. Constructing a Hummingbird nest can be complex. Hummingbirds migrate to their breeding grounds, collecting nectar first, then find a mate … Read more

Is Your Yard Ready for Fall Migration?

Ever since the summer solstice, the days have been inching and tiptoeing ever shorter, as summer starts to pull the curtain of twilight earlier and hit the roost. I hate that. But wishing for eternal, long days of wonderfulness just ain’t in the cards. The birds are packing their belongings and gathering their now fully … Read more