Choosing a Decorative Copper Birdhouse

One of the easiest ways to add interest and flair to your bird garden is to add a copper top birdhouse.

3 Steps to choosing a copper roof birdhouse

Copper is a safe and non-toxic metal which makes it a popular choice for topping backyard birdhouses. Follow these simple steps for choosing the right one for your yard:

1. Choose whether or not to weather

Copper turns a rich brown quickly after exposure to the elements. After a number of years, the burnt color will turn to a green patina. Many gardeners choose copper for just this reason. However, if the shiny copper color is more your style, you will want to seal the copper and polish it regularly. Copper begins to age quickly, so choose which direction you want to go before installing your copper top birdhouse.

If you have decided the aged look is for you, you can even choose a copper roofed birdhouse which has been pre-aged.

2. Consider how copper conducts heat

When choosing a copper roof birdhouse, you’ll want to consider the additional heat the nesting box will attract. Make sure your new birdhouse has copper added to a thick wooden roof, to minimize the heating of the birdhouse.

Copper top houses should not be placed in full sun if possible, especially in warm climates. The warmer interior may be attractive in winter, but most of the rest of the year will make the birdhouse too warm.

3. Buying versus adding your own

Can’t find your favorite birdhouse with a copper top? Finding the price of copper top houses blowing your budget? Try adding your own! With a few simple tools, adding copper to the roof of an existing birdhouse is easy and fun.
Watch this video to learn how:

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