Father’s Day Gifts for Bird Lovers

Bird-watching is a popular pastime for fathers of all ages. One of the best ways we can think of to show dad how much you care is to give him a unique birdhouse or feeder that will grace his backyard for years to come. Each time he steps into the yard, he’ll remember the day with fondness and enjoy his favorite wild birds.

Favorites for bird-loving Dads

  • Decorative birdhouses from Go Green Creations – If your Dad is a golfer, fisherman or just a fan of funny little details, these fun backyard additions will honor both his favorite pastimes. Since these rustic birdhouses are limited edition and handcrafted, you’ll know he has a unique item chosen just for him.
  • Adopt a Bird from The National Audubon Society – Perfect for the Dad who has everything, adopting a bird in his honor is a unique and thoughtful way to help wild birds while celebrating his special day.
  • Squirrel Proof Feeders – It’s no secret that most dads like gadgets. The newest generation of Squirrel Proof Feeders from Woodlink and Songbird Essentials are caged, weight-sensitive and full of bells and whistles to feed Dad’s gadget habit and help him thwart pesky squirrels. A win for everyone!
  • A simple garden bird bath – Providing a shallow and accessible water source is one of the most commonly overlooked parts of creating a haven for birds in your backyard. This simple table top bird bath, from Songbird Essentials, is an affordable way to give Dad a gift that keeps giving all year long. Easy to clean and highly portable, it’s a much more practical item than the stone pieces you’re used to seeing in gardens.
  • Tech-Savvy help for identifying backyard birds– Did you forget to put a gift in the mail for a father far away? Why not give him the gift of a bird identification website or app subscription? These tools are more interactive and up-to-date than the printed guides of old. For even the minimally-tech-savvy bird lover, Larkwire or BirdsEye would make highly useful gifts.

Make sure you have it on time

Father’s Day is just over a month away. Make sure to order your favorite bird-lover a gift he’ll never forget!

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