Where to find USA-Made Birdhouses

With Labor Day coming up soon, we’re about to start see temperatures dropping (well, in most of the country anyway). That means it’s about to be time to put out birdhouses for shelter as roosting boxes for colder months. To help celebrate Labor Day we thought we’d remind you how important it is to support USA-based companies by purchasing a birdhouse made in the USA this fall.

Before we look at manufacturing…

Advice for choosing a birdhouse

1. Make sure the birdhouse is easy to clean. Nesting boxes or roosting boxes should have one hinged side or bottom to make it easy to open and clean out after wild birds migrate for the season and/or between nesting cycles. If it doesn’t, cleaning will be difficult and birds are likely to neglect it.

2. Don’t forget to accessorize. Most roosting boxes are not ready to be a safe-haven for birds straight out of the box. Be sure to take the time to choose the right birdhouse accessories for the birds you are trying to attract. For instance, a pole-mounted bluebird house will require a squirrel baffle or guard of some sort.

3. Carefully consider size and spacing. The entrance hole and size of your birdhouse will determine whether or not the type of bird you’re trying to attract will stop there. Carefully check the measurements before purchasing. At BirdhouseSupply.com, doing this is simple. Just look for the photo with dimensional markings right on it.

Finding USA Made Birdhouses


Finding birdhouses that are made in the USA can sometimes be tricky. The easiest way is to stick with brands you can trust like Woodlink and Songbird Essentials. Then, look for their USA-made lines.

Woodlink Going Green

All of the Going Green products from Woodlink are USA-made of recycled materials. These colorful birdhouses are extremely durable, perfect for those in climates with harsh or wet winters, where wood is likely to warp or mold after a few months of storms.

Woodlink Cedar birdhouses

The most classic of all our shelters for wild birds, Woodlink’s cedar birdhouses are made in America and naturally resistant to molding and insects. If you choose one of these domestic-made products, be sure to add a predator guard to keep squirrels and raccoons away as well.

Songbird Essentials Window Nest View birdhouse

If you want to observe backyard birds up-close and personal, while supporting USA-manufacturing, a good choice is the Songbird Essentials Window Nest View Birdhouse. Attach it to an outdoor window and enjoy the birds while you stay warm and cozy.

All Woodlink Going Green and Cedar Line products are made in the USA. Over 95% of Songbird Essentials products are USA made. By choosing a roosting box from one of these companies, you can enjoy backyard birds while feeling good about supporting manufacturing and small business growth in America.


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