About Us

We started BirdhouseSupply.com with a few simple goals:

  • To help the wild bird population thrive.
  • To provide a superior online shopping solution for birdwatchers and gardeners.
  • To keep our community of bird enthusiasts informed with high-quality and up-to-date information about birds and their habitats.

How we help the bird population

Many birds–like Bluebirds, Hummingbirds, and Orioles–have seen a significant decline in their habitats since the 1950s. Cavity nesting birds are particularly hard hit, with the loss of forest land and places to hunt. The responsible birder plays a critical role in the continuity of many songbirds and small cavity-nesting bird species. For example, community-provided Bluebird Trails are attributed with helping to keep the Bluebird population in the United States from becoming endangered.

At BirdhouseSupply.com, we are committed to helping keep the bird population thriving, one bird-supporting product at a time.

Making shopping for birding materials easy

Buying the right birdhouse or bird feeder can be confusing. Different species of birds require different specifications for their nesting areas and diets. The difference between a birdhouse that helps birds and one that puts them in danger can be as little as a quarter inch. To help you choose responsibly and to set you up with the highest chances of successfully attracting your favorite birds, we’ve assembled a dedicated in-house team to help you make sure what you’re purchasing is what you need. We do this in two ways:

Learn, understand and grow

We took our already unique system one step further in order to meet our third objective. In addition to in-house photographers, products, and customer service, we have a writer and researcher on our team to keep you up-to-date on the most important information about your favorite feathered friends. Two to three times per week we post up-to-the-minute articles on the who, what, when, where, and whys of bird species, gardens, and other issues.
Everything we do is in pursuit of just one thing, to give every birding enthusiast the best experience possible. We humbly invite you to take a few minutes to browse our site. Together, we’ll fly to new heights.