Review Methodology – Why Trust

The short answer is that you should feel absolutely confident that you can trust the work we do here. The long answer is just that, a long one. Read on below to learn about the lengths we go to in order to deliver the information you can count on.

Why Trust Us?

This resource is built, maintained, and expanded to provide what we collectively believe is a valued service among bird enthusiast across the world. Each review is carefully crafted for bird enthusiasts, by bird enthusiasts. If we were neighbors, work associates, or family we could simply tell you about our individual limited experiences when the opportunity presented itself. But, if you take hundreds and even thousands of bird enthusiasts and aggregate their experiences it makes for a much more well-rounded review for you to act upon. We take the integrity of our reviews seriously. Whether a review is posted by the staff here at or submitted by one of the many followers of our website, it is carefully vetted to make sure it is consistent with delivering accurate depictions of the products we review.

What Goes Into a Review?

Each review will take between 4-10 hours in total to create depending on how easily information about the product is to acquire, the popularity of it, and the complexities of the product itself. This will include some if not all of the following:


  1. Finding actual owners of the product to gain real opinions of the product in question. Many times we own the products ourselves which speed up this process. Other times we reach out via social media or by email to those that may have experience with the product.
  2. Carefully reviewing the manufacturer’s website, instruction manuals, repair information, parts availability, warranties and more.
  3. Search for real user experiences from across the internet such as Walmart, Amazon, Jet, Manufacturer’s Website, and looking more specifically for critical reviews that may shine a light on glaring problems.
  4. Itemizing the components, how they are made, what they are made from, how long they will last and more.
  5. Understanding how the product is to be used, installed, and maintained.
  6. Reach out to manufacturers for clarification on any feature or issue that may come up in the discovery process.


  1. Break the data into sections that include Quality, Installation, Value, Maintenance, Videos, and Features.
  2. Using a semi-complex algorithm, we use the weighted averages of all the data collected for each section and break them into a star system on a 0-5 scale. 0 being the worst and 5 being the best.
  3. Take the hundreds of pages of data that we uncovered and slim it down into a concise and quick read by section for you, the visitor!
  4. From there the article is submitted to our editorial team for review, editing, image creation, and some other behind-the-scenes activities.
  5. The review is posted for enjoyment!


  1. Answer questions from visitors
  2. Update information as the product is updated

We hope this makes you feel confident about the work we do here at If you think we should add, remove, adapt, or stretch any of our policies or processes please get in touch with us. We are firm believers that we can always do better and should be perpetually in a state of improvement for mind, body, and soul!