How To Setup Hummingbird Houses

Hummingbird houses are often overlooked. It takes a keen eye to find a Hummingbird nest. Although thousands of birders put out Hummingbird feeders each spring, many overlook adding nesting platforms and materials to the mix.

Constructing a Hummingbird nest can be complex. Hummingbirds migrate to their breeding grounds, collecting nectar first, then find a mate and females begin to build a nest.

Choosing a location for the nest

Females build the nests for Hummingbirds. First they choose a location, usually a high place with shelter from wind and rain. Hummingbirds do not use enclosed nests, preferring platforms and egg-like shapes in the tree branches.

Place your Hummingbird House under the edge of your roof or on a sheltered tree branch. Hummingbird Houses must be specific sizes and angles, for this reason it is easier to buy one than to attempt to construct one on your own.

Nesting Material Needs

In addition to the nesting box, Hummingbirds needs soft nesting material to build with. Provide cotton puffs, soft plants and even dryer lint in an easily accessible location. The female Hummingbird will bring them back to the nest and use spider webs to hold it all together.

Watch the nest building process carefully, the female will build it to be camouflaged, with bright parts in sunlit spots and dark parts in shaded spots.

Proximity to feeders

Hummingbirds will work on their nests for four or five days and need constant access to nectar throughout the process. Keep Hummingbird feeders thirty or so yards away from the nesting area and make sure to keep them full and clean.

Territorial Hummingbirds

Keep in mind that Hummingbirds are extremely territorial and will fight with each other and steal from other nests. More than one Hummingbird nest per yard is typically a bad idea. Also, keep feeders out of sight of each other to keep these territorial birds comfortable.

Take your Hummingbird enjoyment to the next level this spring by adding a Hummingbird platform nest to your backyard!

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  1. Bought a bird house with three houses all attached. Should I not use this. When do I put up houses. Do I take them in in the winter. New to this, please so inform

  2. This was very helpful- thank you so much. I may have more questions from time to time. Hummingbirds are my very favorite birds.


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