How to Attract Chickadees to Your Yard

Chickadees are an enchanting and friendly tiny bird. Keeping a bird feeder for Chickadees will reward you with many close encounters. These birds will often wait and watch while you fill the feeder.

There are seven varieties of Chickadee in the United States. That means, no matter where you live, you probably have these birds nearby.

What makes Chickadees unique

Photo by Sean McCann (Creative Commons 2.0).

Have you ever heard the Chickadee call? It is one of the easiest to discern from all the other birds around! Scientists found the more “dees” the bird uses in the call (which is actually a warning), the more imminent the hazard is. Chickadees make a separate sound, like a soft “seet” noise, that biologists think is to alert their friends that a predator is soaring overhead. Chickadees chirp to each other for a variety of reasons. There are over 30 different ways they communicate in their calls!

Hand Feeding

Chickadees are extremely tame wild birds. With patience and a handful of walnut pieces, you can even feed one straight from your hand. Stand near your Chickadee feeder and, if you’re still and patient, you will be rewarded with a visit.

Attracting Chickadees

These birds are simple to bring to your yard. Chickadees will use platform feederstube feeders or any other feeder where clinging abilities can be utilized. Fill the feeder with sunflower seeds or walnut blends. Chickadees are also big fans of suet feeders. If you keep yours full, you’re likely to have Chickadees feeding in your backyard all day long.

Birdhouses are another way to attract these unique little birds. They prefer cavity-style nesting boxes and often use empty Woodpecker nests. Follow these specifications when choosing a Chickadee house

Choosing a Chickadee House:

  • Floors should be 4×4” square.
  • The height of the box should be between eight and ten inches.
  • Nesting boxes should be placed between six and fifteen feet high, either post-mounted or tree-mounted.

Chickadees, with a few simple steps, will provide your backyard garden with year-round interest!

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