Show Your Love for Nesting Birds

The Valentine’s Day season, still the dead of winter for many of us, is the perfect time to show your love for nesting birds of all types.

National Nesting Box Week

February 14 to 21 is National Nest Box Week in many parts of the world. This is a perfect time to build or install your birdhouse or nesting box in the backyard before Spring nesting season begins.

Different needs for different birds

The variety of bird determines what type of nesting box is needed. For instance, Purple Martins prefer to make their nests in groups, usually in apartment-like houses, with many chambers for multiple birds to build their nests. In contrast, Wrens prefer small and enclosed birdhouses to protect their nest from predators (Read more about attracting a variety of birds).

Harsh winter weather drives birds to seek food from bird feeders to supplement their natural food supply. If you have birds already using feeders in your yard, it is a good bet that they can be convinced to nest there as well.

Rain and sometimes unpredictable Spring weather makes shelter important, especially during nesting season. A snug and cozy birdhouse to roost in and raise a family is, especially in urban areas, an important part of keeping the bird population happy, healthy and thriving.

Feed the birds

A regular food supply and clean water are the most important way to show your backyard birds your love this time of year. Suet Feeders are particularly good in winter months, providing high-energy protein for birds.

When the weather grows warmer, you’ll want to switch to seed blocks for most birds.

Spring is coming

Spring will soon be here which means it is nearly time to trim hedges, trees and other plants. Be extremely careful in your maintenance to avoid destroying a newly established birds’ nest.

Once your feeders and birdhouses are established, it is important to disturb birds as little as possible. Try to fill feeders between visits and only clean the birdhouse between tenants.

For more information on choosing a birdhouse or bird feeder, read our Bird News section.

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