Attract Robins with these 4 Tips

Robins are an attractive songbird. In many parts of the United States, if you hear a bird song just at dawn, chances are pretty good it’s a Robin’s happy call. If you’re thinking about attracting Robins to your yard, think about these four things first and you’ll be sure to enjoy listening to and watching these delightful songbirds each year.

1. Where can Robins find water?

The easiest way to bring Robins to your yard is with a bird bath. The bath can be as simple as a small plastic container or as elaborate as a backyard bubbling fountain.

2. Does your natural habitat appeal to Robins?

Robins prefer plants and trees with berries. Try planting juniper, hackberry or other plants with small treats for your birds. Although Robins will use a bird feeder, a few natural plants are a much preferred way to feed these lively songbirds.

3. Supplementing Robin’s natural diet

The diet of American Robins will change as the seasons do. During the warmer months of spring and summer Robins prefer insects and worms. In the fall and winter, when cold weather makes insects scarce, berries become their main source of sustenance.

To supplement this natural diet, choose mealworm feeders. Robins can be trained to visit your feeder around the same time each day if you are consistently setting out live mealworms. Robins will also eat fresh fruit, almost any kind will due–apples, watermelon, grapes and of course berries are favorites.

Keep in mind that Robins do not eat birdseed so you’re traditional bird feeder won’t impress them. Put food close to your bird bath until the birds are used to using it.

4. Providing a nesting space

Robins prefer a nesting platform and will not use an enclosed birdhouse. Choose a platform with an 8×8 inch base and a cover about eight inches above it. Mount it on a shed or the side of your house facing foliage.

Do not mount your Robin House on a tree. This can be dangerous, because it allows predators access to the nest.

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