Mixed Seed

Platform Bird Feeders for Your Garden

A quick web search will yield millions of platform bird feeders and food to fill them with to choose from. Choosing the best one depends almost entirely on which birds you want to bring into your yard. Let’s take a look at what platform feeders are and which one you will want to choose. What is … Read more

Woodlink Red Bird’s Choice Feeder

  Squirrel-proof bird feeders are often characterized by unsightly cages and other industrial elements that can hurt the ambiance of your backyard garden. That’s why our staff here at BirdhouseSupply.com fell in love with the Woodlink Red Bird’s Choice as soon as we pulled it from the box. Squirrel proof bird feeder with style Woodlink’s … Read more

Woodlink Bird Feeders: Seed and More

Woodlink manufactures or imports a variety of bird feeders to fit almost any need. Here we’ll explore a few favorites seed feeders, suet/combo feeders, and fruit feeders. Seed Feeders Woodlink manufactures tube, sunflower, caged, platform and many other styles of seed feeders. Two of the most popular are: Going Green Seed Feeder The Going Green 2 … Read more

Woodlink Window Bird Feeder

Why a window feeder   Window bird feeders are a spectacular way to watch birds close up, from the comfort of your kitchen or living room window. These versatile feeders are easy to access for cleaning and/or refilling and allow you to watch birds close up in all kinds of conditions. In addition, window feeders … Read more