Identify Birds with these 7 Smartphone Apps

Top 7 tools for identifying birds

1. Larkwire ($19.99)

Larkwire is a game created by birders for birders. The game teaches you how to identify birds by sound, simply by memorizing recordings of those sounds. An easy way to learn bird sounds no matter where you are.

2. Birdtunes ($9.99)

Birdtunes is a simple catalog of bird sounds. The list and the variations of each bird’s calls are extensive. This app isn’t going to help you figure out what the bird is in the moment, but will allow you to go through a vast group of sounds and begin to recognize their differences. You may also use it to compare recorded sounds for identification later.

3. iBird Yard+ ($2.99)

There are dozens of solid bird guides for iPhone and iPad, but we love iBird Yard+ because it is specifically designed with the backyard in mind. With over 200 different species to choose from, you’re sure to find the birds in your yard in this app.

4. Macaulay Library Archive (free)

This online resource, from The CornellLab of Ornithology boasts over 150,000 bird sounds. If you want to identify a recording or a bird in your backyard now, this is the most comprehensive listing of bird songs we know of.

5. BirdsEye North America ($19.99)

BirdsEye allows birders to access instant lists of birds in birding spots, see seasonal abundance charts and much more. This app is like Foursquare for birders! If you want access to bird information in-the-moment, BirdsEye will help.

6. eBird

eBird is a non-profit collaboration between The CornellLab of Ornithology and Audubon. Use this site to document your birding activities and help others do the same. This site’s activities feed directly into BirdsEye.

7. BirdLog North America

BirdLog is one more piece of the eBird trinity. The app allows you to log bird sightings immediately and submit them to eBird from your phone. One step beyond simple identification, now you’re recording your birding activities and can begin looking for trends!

Use these seven simple tools on your iPhone, iPad or computer and you’ll be easily identifying birds by sound, sighting and habits in no time at all!

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