Woodlink Window Bird Feeder

Why a window feeder


Window bird feeders are a spectacular way to watch birds close up, from the comfort of your kitchen or living room window. These versatile feeders are easy to access for cleaning and/or refilling and allow you to watch birds close up in all kinds of conditions. In addition, window feeders are perfect for those who don’t have a backyard, like apartment or condo dwellers.

Woodlink Going Green Window Feeder

If simple and easy bird watching is what you’re after, we like the Woodlink Going Green Window Feeder. Here’s why:

  • It is a simple platform feeder, made from recycled materials,
  • Is a basic platform with sturdy brackets and strong suction cups to hold the feeder in place,
  • The base is made of a perforated metal screen to allow the platform to easily drain, preventing molding.


What type of birds will use this feeder

Almost any birds that will come to a platform feeder will use this feeder. Pigeons, starlings, House Sparrows and most native sparrows are easy to attract and watch. If your window is close to the ground, you can also attract juncos, doves, blackbirds and jays. However, keep in mind that a feeder close to the ground is likely to also likely to attract squirrels, cats and other predators so you’ll need to watch it more carefully and/or add some form of predator protection.

Remember window guards

If you’ve decided that a window feeder is for you, it’s important to make sure you use some kind of guard, like a bird sticker or screen. This will prevent the birds from striking the window, a sad occurrence which results in many needless bird deaths each year.

Whether you’re a beginner, or just trying to reduce your need for cleaning and maintenance out in the yard, a Woodlink Window Bird Feeder could be just the thing for you!

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