Woodlink Bird Feeders: Seed and More

Woodlink manufactures or imports a variety of bird feeders to fit almost any need. Here we’ll explore a few favorites seed feeders, suet/combo feeders, and fruit feeders.

Seed Feeders

Woodlink manufactures tube, sunflower, caged, platform and many other styles of seed feeders. Two of the most popular are:

Going Green Seed Feeder

The Going Green 2 Mixed Seed Tube Feeder brings together helping the environment with bird-watching. The feeder is made entirely of recycled plastics and other materials. With a roof to protect seed from becoming wet. The tube feeder is specially designed with a reservoir to keep seeds from flowing too fast and accumulating in the tube. This is a must-have feeder for hanging in your backyard trees.

A Versatile Seed Feeder

The simple Woodlink Hang, Pole Mount or Ground Platform Seed Feeder is perfect for attracting the widest variety of birds possible with only one feeder. Add it to your yard and the birds will come!

Woodlink Suet Feeder

Choose a suet or combination feeder to help birds find much-needed protein in winter months. However, you’ll want to be careful with suet in warmer climates or summertime. The fatty feed can stick to birds’ wings and hinder their flight.

We love the ultra-durable Woodlink Suet & Seed Bird Feeder which gives you plenty of options year-round. Place suet or seed blocks in the middle and loose seeds in either tube.

Woodlink Fruit Feeder

The Woodlink Oriole Fruit Feeder is a simple recycled plastic feeder with spikes to add sliced pieces of fruit. Use this feeder for Orioles, Jays or Woodpeckers.
Whichever Woodlink Bird Feeder you choose, by choosing Woodlink, you’ll have peace of mind, knowing that your backyard birds will have a durable feeder for years to come!

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