15 Facts about Bluebirds

Bluebirds are a fascinating little song bird. With their beautiful melodies and friendly nesting habits, they are a welcome addition to many backyard and rural landscapes. Here are a few facts about Bluebirds and their habits you might not know:

Bluebird Facts


  • Bluebird nests are built by the female, usually in a cavity created by another bird or in an artificial birdhouse. Bluebirds have weak bill so they cannot carve out their own cavities.
  • It takes two to five days of hard work for the nest to be completed.
  • Bluebird nests are light and delicate–consisting of grasses, hair fibers, feathers and needles.
  • The nests are built with a small, cap-like shape near the center to help hold eggs in place.
  • Female Bluebirds lay four or five eggs at a time and incubate them for around two weeks.
  • Young birds remain with their parents in the nest for an additional twenty days.
  • Most Bluebirds have two nesting cycles in a season.
  • The most dangerous parasite for these little birds are blowfly larva, which weaken nestlings and are sometimes fatal.
  • Bluebirds have extremely thin skin. Pesticides are dangerous to them as a result.
  • Bluebirds will sometimes partially clean their own nests.
  • Bluebirds come and go while completing the nesting process. They do not stay constantly in one spot until nestlings are hatched.
  • Males from a first brood will often come back to help feed the second brood.
  • Swallows can be dangerous to Bluebirds, but they sometimes help feed the young Bluebirds too! They will help the small birds grow and then take over the nesting box once the Bluebirds have fledged.
  • Bluebirds are fruit and insect foragers, but they can be trained to use a seed feeder if it is kept near their birdhouse.
  • Bluebirds and Blue Jays are often confused, but are two completely different species with little physical similarities. Blue Jays are considered pests by many, whereas Bluebirds are almost always welcome as delightful little song birds.

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