3 Steps to Keep Squirrels out of Feeders

Many backyards become a battle of wills between desperate birders and hungry squirrels. In fact, squirrels are one of the most tenacious and successful mammals, when it comes to scavenging for a nutritious meal.

3 Steps to combating squirrel invasions

The most important thing to recognize about squirrels is that they are most likely to go for the easy meal. Keeping this in mind, the first step is:

1. Give Squirrels their own feeder

Knowing that it will be difficult to keep squirrels entirely out of your yard, the easiest thing to do is to give squirrels their own food sources. Watching squirrels can be a lot of fun and their preferred diet, corn, and peanuts, is inexpensive to provide for.

Squirrel feeders can be placed on the ground or on trees, depending on the type of feeder. Try placing a few squirrel feeders in varying places around the yard, both high and low. Squirrels are surprisingly frisky, able to jump up to eight feet and climb almost anything.

2. Block them with a squirrel baffle

Adding a baffle to keep squirrels out of your feeders can help prevent squirrels from climbing down from tree tops or climbing up a pole-mounted feeder. These will keep out most squirrels, but the most active and athletic ones will find incredibly inventive ways around the squirrel baffle.

Make sure your bird feeders are placed at least eight feet from trees or any other structures, then add a baffle to keep squirrels at bay.

3. Use a smarter bird feeder

Many new feeders are made with wire cages and/or weight sensors to keep squirrels away, while still allowing birds to feed. Try a squirrel proof feeder, if the idea of feeding these pesky backyard mammals doesn’t sit well with you. Keep in mind, you’re still likely to have squirrels in your yard. Birds always drop seed from their feeders and squirrels will come for it.

Avoid hurting the squirrels

Whichever method you decide is best for you, avoid harming the squirrels with some of the more unpleasant methods of repelling them. Trapping with sticky substances, shockers and feeding them spicy things are all harmful and should be avoided.

A combination of all three methods may be the best bet for your yard. We are big fans of equal opportunity feeding at BirdhouseSupply.com. For that reason, we provide a wide selection of squirrel proof feeders and squirrel feeders. That way everyone wins.

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