Five Tips for Attracting Orioles

Orioles have a reputation for being difficult to attract. Have no fear! These five tips will help you bring these sought after orange and brown birds into your yard year after year.

1. Orange and Oranges for Orioles


When trying to attract Orioles, keep in mind the importance of the color orange. Maybe it’s the orange feathers, but Orioles love this bright and sunny color. Choose feeders and boxes for nesting supplies in this bright hue.

In addition to the color, Orioles love oranges. Try using a fruit feeder to place orange halves in various places around your yard.

2. Use Jelly Feeders

Orioles may love their oranges, but nothing attracts them like grape jelly. Set it out in jelly feeders, empty container lids or small dishes, just make sure to attach it or it will end up upside down on the ground.

If you are attracting lots of Orioles to your yard each year you may find your jelly budget blown. Try mixing the jelly one-to-one with water to create a juicy pulp. Orioles will still love it!

After the spring migration season is over, dish out mealworms in your feeder instead of jelly. This will encourage Orioles to nest in your yard.

3. Nectar feeders for Orioles versus Hummingbirds

Orioles enjoy the nectar commonly used in Hummingbird feeders, but are unable to hover around their feeders. Use a nectar feeder specifically designed for Orioles, which will have perches and likely be made in their favorite orange color.

Hummingbird and Oriole feeders can be placed near each other. Both birds are fairly shy of humans, but not bothered much by each other.

4. Plant Trees for nesting

Orioles build their nests at the tips of tree branches, in a basket-like nest. A yard with plenty of trees away from the home and a few nesting materials around (these bird prefer hair and other natural fibers) will encourage the birds to stay and build their families in your yard. If they build a nest in your yard, leave it alone. Many Orioles will use it the next year.

5. Honor Orioles shyness

Orioles may look flamboyant, but they are shy of humans. Keep your feeders far from human activity to begin with. As the birds get used to your feeder, they can be moved closer to the home for easier viewing.

Orioles are some of the most stunning backyard birds around. Use these five simple steps and, with a little persistence, you’ll be enjoying streaks of orange feathers in your backyard!


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