Blue Birds

What Bird Feeders do Bluebirds Like?

Bluebirds are some of the most beloved wild birds in North America. Use this simple guide to choose the right bluebird feeder for your backyard and you’ll soon understand why. Types of bird feeders for bluebirds Although not really docile, bluebirds can sometimes be thwarted or scared away from feeders by larger birds. As a result, … Read more

15 Facts about Bluebirds

Bluebirds are a fascinating little song bird. With their beautiful melodies and friendly nesting habits, they are a welcome addition to many backyard and rural landscapes. Here are a few facts about Bluebirds and their habits you might not know: Bluebird Facts   Bluebird nests are built by the female, usually in a cavity created … Read more

How to Attract Bluebirds to Birdhouses

Bluebirds are easy to recognize and beloved birds. The happy melody sung by a bluebird will enhance almost any garden. Learn how to attract bluebirds by setting up their nesting box properly and choosing the right feed. Bluebird population decline From the 1950’s to 1990’s bluebird populations took an alarming dip. The bluebird population fought … Read more

Training Bluebirds to Use a Bird Feeder

Bluebirds do not use feeders naturally. However, they can be trained to eat from a bird feeder with a few simple steps. Bluebird’s Natural Diet Bluebirds forage for insects and fruits as the main sources of food in their diets. They prefer small berries and spiders or worms primarily. Training Bluebirds to use a feeder … Read more

Understand Bluebirds & Tree Swallows

Much controversy has arisen within the community of bird enthusiasts when it comes to the interaction between Bluebirds and Tree Swallows. This is because both are cavity nesting birds, in overlapping territories and are territorial in nature. The variety of Bluebirds living all over The United States, guarantees that almost anywhere a Bluebird box is … Read more

11 Steps to Starting a Bluebird Trail

If helping to build the Bluebird population is one of your goals as a birdwatcher, use this simple guide on how to start a Bluebird Trail to help these enchanting birds thrive. 11 steps to starting a Bluebird Trail in your neighborhood:   1. Understand the time and resources needed Take the time to create … Read more