Choosing a Wren House: Attracting a Little Song Bird

Most bird feeders are frequented by Wrens at least some of the time. These friendly little song birds are delightfully easy to attract to your yard. Choosing a Wren house can be lots of fun. Wrens are less picky than other birds so the choices are almost endless.

Wrens like to make their nests in cavities which mean they have an easy time using a man-made home. Wrens will nest in almost anything that has a cavity-like space.

Types of Material

Wrens, like most birds, prefer a box made of natural material like unfinished wood. Choose a birdhouse with wood that is naturally resistant to decay, like redwood or cedar. Some newer Wren houses are even made of recycled plastics.

Nesting boxes should never be painted or treated on the inside. The paint could have harmful chemicals that will fill the porous shells of eggs and keep baby birds from receiving enough oxygen.

Measurements Matter

When choosing a Wren house, keep in mind the follow specifications:

  • The birdhouse entry hole should be 1 1/8 inches. Any larger and House Sparrows could take over.
  • The base or inner floor needs to measure approximately four inches.
  • The base should be three to six inches below the entry hole.

Things to avoid

Wren houses should not have perches or large entrance holes. This is important for Wrens, because adding these will give other birds easier access to their home.

Avoid birdhouses with flat roofs. Wren houses should have roofs that are at least slightly slanted so they shed water and keep the nest dry.

Drainage and Cleaning

Look for a birdhouse with some form of drainage directly below the roof. This will allow moisture to get out without letting water in.

Your Wren house should have an easily accessible front or side, possibly hinged, that allows for easy cleaning.

Pole-mounted or hanging

Wrens will use in both pole-mounted and hanging nesting boxes. Swinging in the breeze doesn’t seem to bother them! If you do decide to use a tree-hanging box, just make sure it is far enough from the ground and the trunk of the tree to avoid predators and pests.

Wrens are an easy to attract bird. Follow these steps to choosing your Wren house and you’ll be attracting these song birds to your yard for years to come.

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