Birdhouse Accessories: Things to Know

Sometimes a birdhouse is beautiful or available, but not quite right for the type of bird you would like to attract. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to use it! By using birdhouse accessories, like predator guards and mounting kits, you’ll be able to add to our modify the most critical elements to make your birdhouse the perfect spot for a Wren, Robin or Bluebird.

Choosing Predator Protection

Possibly the most important part of responsibly attracting birds is to make sure the birdhouses and feeders you use are protected from squirrels, snakes, larger birds and other predators. This is essential to growing the bird population and to ensuring that nesting cycles can be completed and baby birds have the chance to grow up and learn to fly in as safe of an environment as possible.

Think about what type of common predators are most likely to be found in your yard. Almost everywhere can count on visits from squirrels and snakes.

Squirrel Baffles


Pesky creatures can safely be repelled by squirrel baffles and snake guards. If you’re using a pole-mounted birdhouse, make sure to add a metal baffle to the pole. This will keep predators from climbing up to the birdhouse.

Snake Cages and Overhangs

For hanging houses or tree-mounted nesting boxes, add an overhang or a snake cage. Removing any perches will also help repel predators and most birds don’t need them.

Predator Guards

Predator guards help to make a slightly-too-large entrance hole just the right size. Adding a guard to the entrance hole is especially important if you have a house with a hole too big for small bluebirds. If this isn’t done, House Sparrows will often take over the house and kill the nestlings.

Mounting your birdhouse

Most birdhouses should be pole-mounted, and kept far from trees and overhangs of any type. This provides the best protection for small songbirds. However, there are exceptions to this rule. American Robins and Screech Owls prefer nesting boxes mounted under an overhang or an old tree. Wrens and Hummingbirds prefer to nest in tree branches or birdhouses hanging from them. Whichever type you choose, make sure to pick up the right kind of materials to mount it. Most birdhouses are not sold with all the mounting materials needed.

Pole Mounting Kits


Pole-mounted houses can be mounted on a fence post or a metal pole, as long as it is long enough to be mounted at the right height for your bird. The easiest way is to purchase a Pole Mounting Kit which comes with everything you need.

Thinking beyond the nesting box

Whichever birdhouse accessories you choose for your backyard birdhouse, there are many other things you can provide to help attract more birds and help keep your local bird population thriving. At Bird House Supply, we’re always looking for new tools to help you keep our feathered friends healthy and thriving!


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