Heritage Farms Squirrel Diner – Two Squirrel Feeder

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The benefits of having a quality squirrel feeder in your yard are twofold. First of all, you get the satisfaction of feeding and watching the adorable furry critters as they indulge in their favorite treats. Secondly, you’ll keep them away from your backyard bird feeders. Although they are adorable and fun to watch, squirrels can also be quite mischievous. They don’t have any qualms about monopolizing backyard bird feeders. You can prevent these brazen acts of bird food thievery by simply adding a quality squirrel feeder to your collection. The Squirrel Diner 2 Squirrel holds peanuts, corn and large seed. Its removable body is easy to clean, and it includes all necessary mounting hardware.

This Feeder Attracts: Squirrels

This Feeder Holds: Peanuts or Corn

Depth: 7.25 in. / 18.4 cm.
Width: 6.5 in. / 16 cm.
Height: 7.25 in. / 18.4 cm.
Weight: 1.80 lbs. / 0.81 kg.

Mounting: Tree or Post Mount


Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 9.75 in


Heritage Farms


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