At your feeders: Monarch Butterflies

The Spring migration season is nearly at a close. That means the fleeting glimpses of exotic songbirds at your bird feeders are drawing to a close. Don’t worry! The new generation of Monarch Butterflies have been sighted this week which means most of the United States will be seeing them soon. Out with the old, in … Read more

Attract Butterflies: 2 Easy Ways

Butterfly houses are an enchanting way to attract extra color and life to your garden. These charming little insects are one of the few most gardeners welcome and are a nice addition to your birding adventures. What is a butterfly house? Unlike birdhouses, which are designed for nesting, butterfly houses provide a safe haven for hiding. … Read more

Building a Butterfly Garden

Turning your yard into a haven for butterflies can be a fun and rewarding experience. Here’s how to get started right when building a butterfly garden. Things to consider for your butterfly garden Butterflies need lots of sunlight. Butterflies are cold-blooded, which means they require heat to be at their most active. Most plants that … Read more