Perky Pet Copper Panorama Bird Feeder Model 213C Review

Perky Pet Copper Panorama Bird Feeder Model 213C Review

As one of the best selling bird feeders every, it makes sense for us to have a closer look at this reasonably priced Panorama tube feeder from Perky-Pet. With thousands of positive reviews across the web, this is one of the best-rated bird feeders as well. The Panorama 213C a copper finish on the top that also protects the feeder and visiting birds from the rain. The feeder has a compact design that measures 9 inches tall and 8 inches wide with a 2 lb mixed seed capacity.


Overall the quality the Perky-Pet  Copper Panorama Bird Feeder Model 213C is acceptable. The top lid and bottom tray/perch area are made from a metal material that is coated in a thin layer to give it the initial look of copper. Make no mistake about it, the finish will not weather like copper and many owners report rust developing within 5 months of use. The clear tube which holds the seed is made from a rigid plastic material. It is clear that significant engineering has been put into minimizing the cost of production while delivering a functionally acceptable bird feeder.


This bird feeder features the Sure-Lock cap system that keeps squirrels from removing the lid while still making it easy for you to refill. It also features a tube fed hopper design that gravity feeds the bottom tray to allow for a continuous supply of seed. The circular perch makes it easier for multiple wild birds to enjoy at once and to fly in from any direction to avoid predators.


With a 2lb seed capacity, you can expect to refill this feeder every few weeks. There have been some reported issues with the seed dispensing to the tray over time due to moisture build-up and seed getting wedged in the tray. There are also small holes in the bottom feed tray designed to help water drain from the feeding tray. These holes quickly fill with sediment and will need to be cleared. If you choose smaller seeds this may be a problem that has to be dealt with after each rain. Luckily the feeder can be cleaned with mild soap and water with items found around the home.


The Perky Pet Panorama Copper Bird Feeder is designed to hang from a tree limb, hook or pole. It comes ready to hang out of the box. Assuming that you have the chosen place to hang it already prepared, installation should just take a few minutes to fill and hang.


The feature set of this feeder is above average for the retail price point of $19.99. The maintenance will be higher than many other feeder choices and the quality could be improved overall for a longer lifespan. But, at this price point, it is an exceptional value for a first-time bird feeder or for testing a new area in your outdoor space.


Final Thoughts on the Perky-Pet Copper Panorama Feeder

Though not perfect, the Perky Pet Panorama does enough things well at such a great price it is hard to ignore. Though it won’t win any awards for build quality, features, or ease of maintenance, it does allow a first-time bird feeder buyer a great opportunity to enjoy wild birds in their outdoor space without breaking the bank. Being pleasing to the eye, priced well and easy to install are its main advantages.

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