Magnificent USA Made Bird Feeders (3 Things to Consider)


As we head deeper into summer, we’re spending more and more time outdoors. For those of us here in The United States, we’re gearing up for the Independence Day Holiday on July 4th. With that in mind, we thought it would be appropriate to take a few minutes to support our partners building local communities with bird feeders made in the U.S.A.

But first…

3 things to consider when choosing a bird feeder

1. Check that the feeder is easy to clean. It doesn’t matter how well designed it is, or how much birds love it, if your new feeder is difficult to clean, you’re going to end up regretting the purchase at some point. Dirty feeders can make birds sick and become an eyesore.

2. If you’re a beginner, keep the feeders small. Bird feeders with large hoppers or nectar reservoirs should be reserved for areas where many birds visit within a day or two. This will help you avoid bird seed spoiling or retaining moisture because it sits too long. Buy a feeder which needs refilling every second or third day and you’ll likely see more activity.

3. Choose the right accessories. Most bird feeders are not completely ready to work at their optimum right out of the box. Think about what accessories will be needed. Pole-mounted feeders will need mounting materials and possibly a squirrel baffle. Hanging feeders often perform better with a rain cover and a seed catching tray. By understanding what accessories you need BEFORE purchase, you’ll be more likely to start attracting birds quickly.

Once you’ve taken a few minutes to consider these three aspects, you’re ready to shop!

A few of our favorite American-Made bird feeders

Aspects Tube Feeder

A basic hanging feeder, perfect for beginners or long-term birding fans alike. The Quick Clean Seed Tube Feeder is a sturdy, plastic and brushed metal feeder perfect for attracting chickadees, jays, woodpeckers and many others. Aspects bird feeders have proudly been made in the U.S.A. since 1979.

Songbird Essentials Bluebird Feeder

One of the most popular wild birds for backyard bird watchers is the bluebird. Songbird Essentials Bluebird Feeders are a perfect way to provide a safe place for bluebirds to feed. With small access points on either side, larger birds and squirrels will easily be kept at bay.

Aspects Hummblossom

The Aspects Hummingbird Feeders are an American-made choice that even those with small budgets can enjoy. The Hummblossom™ comes in rose or lavender and is easy to fill and clean, minimizing the time spent on upkeep so you can maximize time spent watching hummingbirds in flight.

Woodlink Platform Feeder

The Woodlink Going Green Platform Feeder is a versatile feeder, capable of attracting a wide variety of birds to one central location. Perfect for seed, suet or fruit, this feeder can be pole-mounted or hung, depending on your needs.

What better way to celebrate summer, in all it’s sunny glory, then with a U.S.A. made bird feeder to add to your garden? Just in time for Fourth of July!

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