Benefits of Buying Woodlink Birdhouses

WoodLink creates both wood and recycled plastic birdhouses , bird feeders and accessories. Learn more about WoodLink birdhouses and why they are the perfect addition to your backyard.

WoodLink and The National Audubon Society

The National Audubon Society is one of the world’s foremost groups, and is exclusively concerned with protecting birds and helping them thrive. They have chosen WoodLink as their exclusive manufacturer because of the consistent quality, care for materials and progress of the brand.

WoodLink began making birdhouses in 1988 and have lead the industry ever since. That’s over 25 years of helping birders help birds! The company understands that close attention to safety and ease of use are paramount to backyard birders who want to help their feathered friends thrive. Because of this, WoodLink field tests all of their American-made Go Green birdhouses and cedar nesting boxes.

Today, Woodlink is a division of Kay Home Products which allows them to offer a variety of other feeders and an extensive line of Purple Martin Houses.

WoodLink Going Green

In 2008 WoodLink launched the Going Green birdhouses and feeders. These products are made with recycled plastic to help aide in the fight against deforestation.

Six Tips for Backyard Birders

Woodlink offers backyard birders a few tips to help them attract more birds, stay safe and enjoy a yard full of little-feathered wonders.

  1. Fill your bird feeder all year long.
  2. Position feeders in an area with shrubbery and/or trees, but not too close. You don’t want squirrels and predators to be able to reach the feeder.
  3. Place bird feeders and houses at varying levels and intervals around your space. In this way, you can attract many different species without causing overcrowding.
  4. Make sure to provide water too. Bird baths are a great addition to your backyard.
  5. Keep in mind different birds’ preferences when placing birdhouses. All species are different.
  6. Put out a variety of bird feeders and nesting boxes to attract all different kinds of birds to your yard.

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