A Fun Kid-Friendly DIY Birdhouse

The snow may be just melting away into spring, but summer will be here soon. Our favorite kid-friendly activity of the moment is a DIY birdhouse from Woodlink. Enjoy a fun craft project with your kids that will keep everyone entertained for years to come.


Why Woodlink birdhouse kits

Birdhouse kits are a popular craft item for children and adults alike. Most chain craft stores carry multiple varieties at varying levels of difficulty to put together. However, most are made with the crafter in mind, not the bird. Unfortunately, although fun to create for decorative purposes, most are simply not designed to the specific needs of nesting birds. A Woodlink birdhouse kit is.

When you choose a birdhouse kit, just like any other backyard bird item, it’s important to know what type of birds are native to your area and which you’re going to use the nesting box to attract. It can be disheartening to a child to spend time building what they think is a functional birdhouse and then never see it in use. By making sure the kit you buy is made with a particular species of birds in mind, you’ll know it can be placed in your backyard for years to come.

Constructing your birdhouse

Although the Woodlink kits come with everything you’ll need to build your birdhouse (minus the screwdriver), you’ll want to keep the following things in mind when you’re working on a DIY project for your local birds:

  • Think about paint – If you choose to paint the birdhouse, only paint the outside and use colors that are attractive to the type of bird the house is made for. For instance, Wren houses should be in fairly neutral tones like dark greens, creams and greys.
  • Protect your birdhouse – Most kits do not come with protective pieces like squirrel-proofing. Consider what accessories you’ll need to make the nest box fully functional.
  • Time it right – The Woodlink Wren House DIY Kit can be used as a nesting box or a roosting box in winter months. Make it in the summer, but consider waiting until early fall to place it in your yard. If you do hang it right away, make sure to clean it out regularly.

Fun summer birding projects

In addition to building a DIY birdhouse, summer months are a perfect time for deep cleaning feeders, sprucing up the yard and adding butterfly elements to your bird garden. By encouraging the kids to come out of the air conditioning for a few hours, you’ll be helping the whole family be more active and appreciate the natural beauty we need so desperately to protect so our feathered friends can thrive!

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